Non-Medical PhD Programme

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Non-Medical PhD Programme at the Medical Faculty

The PhD programme for non-medical students at the Medical Faculty emphasizes a strong research-oriented and interdisciplinary education within transparent institutional structures. Young scientists are thereby offered a motivating research environment which allows them to build up professional scientific expertise and to acquire subject-specific knowledge.

During the programme students will be supervised by an interdisciplinary thesis committee which consists of several experienced scientists. Besides their practical research project students have to participate in the accompanying PhD curriculum. Aim of the curriculum is to provide students with important key skills like project management skills as well as methodogical capabilities. Integration in a faculty-wide PhD network fosters the dialogue and exchange among the PhD students. Upon successful completion participants of the programme receive the titel „PhD“ or alternatively „Dr. rer. biol. hum.“ (as German equivalent).

The website of the non-medical PhD Programme at the Medical Faculty Hamburg should provide interested parties with all necessary information about the programme

Performance record

The accompanying curriculum aims to support the subject-specific education of the PhD students.
In the course of the three-year programme, PhD students have to obtain 180 credit points: 150 credit points for the dissertation and 30 credit points for the coursework. The 30 credit points are aligned to the European Credit Point system, therefore these are assigned based on the work effort related to a specific course.




Coursework of the PhD programme consists of three different types of courses:

  • key skill courses
  • interdisciplinary seminars
  • research method courses.

You can find a detailed description for all courses in the Study Book of the PhD programme.

Students have obtain a certain number of credit points in each of the different course types. The coursework of the non-medical PhD-programme is further divided into a compulsory and an optional part.

Since the programme tends to support the participation of the PhD students, they can select all other classes based on their interests and after consultation with their thesis committee.


Admission requirements

The non-medical PhD programme is adjusted to applicants with a degree in biomecial science (Biology, Human Biology, Biochemistry, Life Sciences, Molecular Science, Pharmacy), Psychology and Public Health.

Other degrees can be admitted under specific conditions (ยง 3 Abs. 4 PhD degree regulation).

Application to the non-medical PhD Programme

Applicants have to complete the application form and submit an abstract of their planned research project which has to be supported by a university professor of the UKE or a habilitated adjunct professor along with the confirmation of academic supervision. Before you can apply to the programme, you therefore need to find a supervisor for your research project. Continous application to the programme is possible.

More informations for applicants from EU-member states and non-EU member states are available