Medical PhD Programme (equivalent MD/PhD Programme)

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Medical PhD Programme at the Medical Faculty (equivalent MD/PhD Programme)

The MD/PhD programme of the Medical Faculty was created to emphasize the increasing future link between patient care and clinical/basic research.

The two-year programme addresses medical doctors and dentist who seek to gain a further in-depth scientific education.Talented young students receive comprehensive scientific competencies as well as important key skills in order to pursue a career in patient-oriented and basic research.

Within the course of the programme students have to carry out a full-time research project and have to participate in the accompanying curriculum.

Obligation of the programme comprises:

  • participation in the curriculum (at least 20 credit points)
  • submission of the thesis covering the results of the two-years scientific project
  • defense of the thesis

Upon successful completion, participants receive the title „PhD“ or alternatively „Dr.rer.biol.hum.“ (as German equivalent).
The website of the MD/PhD Programme at the Medical Fakulty Hamburg (UKE) should provide interested parties with all necessary information about the programme.



Aim of this programme is the structured scientific education of talented junior researchers.
In the course of the two-years programme, PhD students have to obtain 120 credit points: 100 credit points for the dissertation and 20 credit points for the coursework. The dissertation can be written in English.

Coursework of the MD/PhD programme includes three different types of courses:

  • Academic key skills courses
  • Interdisciplinary courses
  • Research method courses


Performance record

Credit points within the programme are aligned to the European Credit Point system, therefore credit points are assigned based on the work effort related to a specific course. In each of the different course types a certain number of credit points have to be obtained. The coursework of the MD/PhD-programme is further divided into a compulsory and an optional part (refer to the picture and the Study Book of the Medical PhD programme for further details)


Admission requirements

The MD/PhD programme wants to attract medical doctors and dentists, who have already shown a special aptitude for research during their studies.
Therefore, the applicant has to be first author of a research paper which was submitted to a journal belonging to the upper half of its field based on quality and reputation. Additionally, applicants have to submit an abstract of their planned research project which has to be supported by a university professor of the UKE or a habilitated adjunct professor along with the confirmation of academic supervision. Before you can apply to the programme, you therefore need to find a supervisor for your research project.


Application to the medical PhD Programme

Continous application to the programme is possible. The Admission Committee will carefully review every application and decide based on the previous study achievements and the scientific quality of the suggested project.

More informations for applicants from EU-member states and non-EU member states are available at the following homepage: